What background is best for your Wedding Photo Booth Hire?


Wedding Ahh !! the most precious time for the couple …

And to make this precious time ever lasting memorable, just visit wedding photo booth hire, of Melbourne GIF Booth Hire and leave the rest on us.


Let’s be honest. One of the best parts of a wedding reception is the wedding photo booth hire. And the photo booth company backdrop is an excellent opportunity to get creative with your wedding color palette and décor for a GIF Booth Perth. From flower streamers to framed illustrations, there are tons of great ideas for all types of weddings. Here are some creative photo booth backdrop ideas that will transform your joy into awesome happiness.


You know we’re mad for our Perth photobooth pics and there’s nothing more we love than something really unique and different to make wedding guest and formal family photos feel really fun! Photo booth company  backdrops are becoming super popular in modern weddings, with couples adding their stamp to guests’ photos through gorgeous arrangements such as giant paper flowers, bright colourful ribbons and hanging floating carnations.

For now, get inspired by these fabulous photobooth backdrops we’ve come across on our daily stroll through the best on the wedding net! Hopefully you find something perfect for you and your guests!

Fresh flower wall Perth:

Flowers of every colour is beautiful and attractive. Just imagine the white rose wall! How catch and dreamy is looks like in imagination. The flower wall Perth like red rose wall and Lilly flower wall or any other piece of flower will make your wall catchy and your Perth flower wall background will enhance the charm of your wedding. Say cheese!!

Fresh flower heart:

Just to add a romantic touch in your photo booth hire, you can arrange your fresh white flowers in a giant heart shape and to add more some little hearts around it just to add a cheesy look. At Perth flower wall, you can get your desired flowers and desired shapes of the flower decoration a per your imagination.

Giant balloon heart:

The heart of balloon looks so flimsy in photos, the heart is so simple to make that you could set up a few hearts in different colours and at different heights for a GIF Booth Perth. This is a very popular backdrop idea for any  photo booth company wedding as balloons put a little smile on every one faces.

Simple suspended Fabric:

Hang a shower curtain or several yards of your favorite fabric from a Perth photobooth  backdrop frame, you can wrap the fabric around a giant frame and then decorate that frame further with some flowers just to add an elegant look.

Floating heart curtain:

Just put some hearts curtains on a wall and that’s it…You can paste the hearts on the whole wall or you can just hang them around. This works perfectly for a any Melbourne GIF Booth Hire.

Ribbon and globe light:

Globe lights and fairy lights are the ever-hit backdrop items. You can use the fairy lights in any manner you want you can wrap them around a frame, you can just hang them straight on the wall and you can also recreate a heart shape floating or fixed on the wall just to make the environment a little romantic.

Mosquito Netted Sofa

This setup requires a good place to hang up a mosquito net (like a tree limb, or an exposed beam). This photo booth background uses an antique bed, but benches will be easier to find — your venue may be able to provide one, or you may be able to borrow one for less than purchasing a new one. Then toss on some pillows to make it feel cozy. At photo booth company you can get all the stuff to recreate any background for your wedding.